About Jon Hunt

Jon is a solo artist from London, UK.

He writes, arranges, performs and mixes all his material himself, with the exception of some of the drums.

Between 2008 and 2013 he released three albums under the moniker 'jh', followed by a compilation album 'Morning Sun' in 2015. All these albums are now available on the usual platforms under the name Jon Hunt.

An anthology of these three albums 'Morning Sun' was released by Bad Elephant Music in March 2015.

It is impossible to describe Jon’s music in a nutshell, as the only ethos he has is to make exactly the music he wants to make, with no regard to commercial thought.

Generally his albums take in alternative and progressive rock, pop, powerpop, psychedelia, acoustic and experimental genres. This means that Jon's music isn't particularly easy to market. However, honesty and integrity are seen as more important: If you can't make the kind of art you love, and want to, then what's the point?

Jon's albums hark back to the time when the 'album' was thought of as an artform in itself. A lot of thought goes into the sequencing of tracks, lyrical and musical concepts right down to the physical CD artwork.

His recordings are startlingly honest pieces of work that reveal more and more on each listen.

Citing bands as influences can be vague and misleading, a better way is to list some of Jon's favourite albums, which can be found HERE. The defining quality of his music would probably be that it is 'quintessentially English'.

Jon's 'Emergency Call EP' was released in October 2019.

Previously, in Spring 2018, Carcrash Casino was formed as a vehicle for the (arguably) more commercial side of Jon's music. The debut Carcrash Casino album was finally released in December 2020 to extremely enthusiastic reviews.

Jon is now working on the completion on his long-awaited fourth album, the follow-up to 2013's 'So Much Promise', which started taking shape in 2016(!), and is finally approaching the finish line.